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Trends for Transforming Your Office in 2024

As offices trend towards having more in-person or hybrid employees, companies are looking to transform their outdated office spaces with renovated..

How to Prepare Your Digital Files for the Best Printing Results

To achieve the best results for your print jobs, you must understand how to prepare and submit your files. Sure, specific issues can arise on..

Apr 16, 2024 | Tags: design, Blog, C2 Imaging, print, tips, prepress, Printing

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Planning Seasonal Windows: Your Guide to Holiday Retail Displays

Creating captivating seasonal window displays that align with your brand and retail strategy takes a combination of careful planning and execution...

Experiential Marketing: Engaging Audiences Beyond the Ordinary

As marketing evolves, businesses continue to seek new ways to connect with their target audiences. One of the most powerful strategies you can use to..

The Big List of Stuff We Can Print

When you’re looking at beginning a print project, it can be a little intimidating because the branding opportunities seem endless. At C2 Imaging, we..

Top 5 Projects of 2023

Over the past 12 months, we have worked on so many cool and interesting projects that it’s hard to choose our favorite! Across the many verticals we..

How To Track KPIs for Your Print Marketing Efforts

Print marketing has long been a tried-and-true tactic to drive business efforts, but is there a way to measure it? The short answer is yes! Though..

Clearing the Fog: 5 Print Marketing Misconceptions Debunked

It’s time to strip away the misconceptions! Print marketing has gotten a bad rap over the years, with people overlooking it for digital media...

An open magazine as an example of how print marketing is still relevant in the digital world

Science Tells Us Print Marketing Is Still the Best

They say that when someone can hold, touch, and interact with something, they’re more likely to remember it than just seeing a picture of it...

Sep 19, 2023 | Tags: print, general printing, advertising

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All About Paper: Choosing the Right Paper for Your Print Project

There’s more to paper than just your standard white printer paper–there’s a whole world of it out there. We’ll be talking about papers used for..

5 Reasons to Boost Your Brand with Promotional Products

In today’s world, building a successful brand requires incorporating offline marketing tactics to cut through the digital clutter. Promotional..

Jul 18, 2023 | Tags: C2 Imaging, branding, Promotional

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Small Ticket Event Items that Make a Big Impact

Do you want to go that extra mile to make your event attendees feel like VIPs? One of the best ways to do that is to pay attention to the details...

Be Tech-Savvy with Custom Website Technology

What’s better than technology to help you automate your ordering processes? How about custom technology tailor-made for you and supported with real..

Sustainable Options to Go Green in Your Print Projects

We’re not just celebrating Earth Day, or Earth Month–we celebrate Earth-friendly materials all year long. You might be at the beginning of your..

Taking Up the Cause: Adding Graphics to Your Cause Marketing Strategy

Inspirational graphics help start the conversation for cause marketing to not only create awareness for consumers, but an emotional response to..

Using Technology To Automate Your Processes

Using Technology to Automate Your Processes

2022 Year in Review: Our Favorite Print Applications

2022 Year in Review: Our Favorite Print Applications

A Quick Reference of Brand Touchpoints

Have you ever considered all the ways that people—be they prospects, customers, media, or the public—interact with your brand? As you'll see, our..

Bring Your Vision to Life with 3D Rendering to Reality

What is rendering to reality?

C2 Imaging has unveiled its newly redesigned website- here's a look at the home page

C2 Imaging Unveils Newly Redesigned Website

C2 Imaging is thrilled to announce a newly redesigned website! We can’t be more excited about our new look and our brand new content. Spend some time..

Sep 20, 2022 | Tags: C2 Imaging, print, general printing

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Manage All Your Marketing Materials In One Place With FLEX

Imagine this—what if you could easily manage marketing collateral requests from the field by simply giving your sales team a website address...

Aug 23, 2022 |

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Achieve Your ESG Goals with a Sustainable Supply Chain Partner

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals are not just a trend in the sustainability space, they are the future¬–so how do you reach..

Jul 19, 2022 |

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How To Get the Most Out of Your Promotional Products

What if you could get a lifetime’s worth of impressions for your company’s marketing efforts with just one item? Promotional products can give..

Jun 21, 2022 |

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A Guide to Creating Your Experiential Marketing Event

Experiential marketing is not just your average event or tradeshow–it’s about creating an immersive experience where the customer can interact..

May 24, 2022 |

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5 Ways to Refresh your Office or Retail Space

As you may have noticed, many consumer facing brands have reimagined or transformed their brick-and-mortar spaces during the pandemic. Think..

Apr 19, 2022 |

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Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate Banner Stands as a Sales Tool

Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate Banner Stands as a Sales Tool Banner stands are a standard piece of marketing nowadays, but how do they work..

Mar 22, 2022 |

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Ideas to Help Recruiting Efforts

Recruiting has never felt as difficult as it does now. But don’t feel defeated, we’re sharing some ideas to help your recruiting efforts. From..

Mar 14, 2022 |

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Top 5 Reasons Floor Graphics Have More Benefits Than You Think

Look down! Floors are an oft-forgotten space that can be used for marketing and advertising to make a big impact. But it’s more than that—they..

Feb 21, 2022 |

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Make a Bigger Impact with Direct Mail Marketing

We may live in a digital world but that doesn’t mean you don’t need printed ads! Digital ads are everywhere and can be quite effective,..

Jan 25, 2022 |

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Magnetic Signage Makes Installation Quick and Easy

Magnetic signage is quickly becoming a popular choice among retailers and for good reason. With our magnetic signage solutions you can quickly..

Nov 1, 2021 |

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Creating an Exciting and Inviting Entrance and Lobby

With more employees returning to the office and more retailers pushing consumers to order online and pick up in store, it’s the perfect time..

Nov 1, 2021 |

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How to Boost Engagement at Your Next Event

Whether you are setting up a booth at a conference, hosting a large outdoor event, or setting up a kiosk in a retail store, the one thing that..

Nov 1, 2021 |

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Solutions for Boosting Internal Communications

Communication is vital to the success of any organization. Not only does your marketing need to be consistent and clear, but your internal..

Aug 16, 2021 |

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Featured Project: Wells Fargo Ski Cup

Wells Fargo Ski Cup Benefits NSCD The 40th Annual Wells Fargo Ski Cup took place in February 2015 at Winter Park Resort in Colorado,..

Aug 16, 2021 |

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A Moment of Appreciation for Our Customers and Partners

While it sure has been a challenging year, we are so thankful to have been on this journey with our customers, partners, and team members. ..

Aug 16, 2021 |

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C2 Imaging | An All-Star Winner

Electrobot Creative, who has handled many NBA events around the United States, was looking for a local vendor to partner with that had the..

Aug 16, 2021 |

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Social Distancing Signage Solutions

Aug 16, 2021 |

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C2 Imaging Cares

At C2 Imaging, we love working with our clients, helping them to convey a message to stand out. Our teams find joy in making an idea go..

Aug 16, 2021 |

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Reopen Safely with Signage and Communications Solutions

We are open and committed to continuing operations throughout our 17 locations of C2 Imaging and our Vomela Family, to provide high-visibility..

Aug 16, 2021 |

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10 projects to draw a smile to your face | C2 Imaging

10 of our favorite things, that are sure to make you smile. Take a moment to enjoy a small collection of some of our favorite projects..

Aug 16, 2021 |

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Experiential Marketing & Events

Immersing prospects in memorable experiential print. When looking to make a serious impact on consumers and event attendees you have to create a..

Aug 16, 2021 |

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QR Code Usage on the Rise

Rising Use of QR Codes QR codes are nothing new. Manufacturers have been using them for a long time. You might even remember when marketers..

Aug 16, 2021 |

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Disposable Face Shields for Healthcare Workers

Aug 16, 2021 |

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2015 Retail Marketing Holiday Lookbook

It's time to start planning your 2015 holiday marketing materials and we have an inside look at the trends. The unveiling of retail..

Aug 16, 2021 |

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Engaging with Customers Through Print Marketing

Engaging with your customers may seem obvious when it comes to in-person opportunities and social media, but what about through print..

Aug 16, 2021 |

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Elevator Graphics Get Great Exposure

The Elevator is a Great Place for Marketing Graphics No one likes waiting for an elevator but from a business perspective, that wait is a..

Aug 16, 2021 |

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Print Marketing Services from C2 Imaging

C2 Imaging has been providing print marketing services for nearly 40 years. We are continually adapting and improving our technology,..

Aug 16, 2021 |

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Building Graphics are your Company's Billboard

Building Graphics Broadcast your message to new heights with building wraps and banners! If your building is permitted for use of..

Aug 16, 2021 |

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Transforming an Event Space with Graphics

A successful event hosted by a brand will transform the event venue into a space of their own during the happening. At C2 Imaging, we have..

Aug 16, 2021 |

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Trade Show Tension Fabric Displays

If you want to succeed at a trade show, you have to stand out. Sure, free gifts, a killer sales team, and music can help, but we're..

Aug 16, 2021 |

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Top Marketing Content Trends for the Financial Industry

We care about your message. Our goal is to share it using the right mediums and to do so with the same passion as if we were a part of your..

Aug 16, 2021 |

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Cost Effective and Sustainable Freestanding Displays

If you're looking for an easy-to-use and cost-effective display consider these. We have many materials that can create self-standing displays,..

Aug 16, 2021 |

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Creative Ways to Keep Your Team Connected

The pandemic surely has been a challenge not just to our daily lives but to our work routines too. Many employees across the nation are..

Aug 16, 2021 |

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Promotional Art

More than just Marketing More than just promotional graphics on billboards, storefronts and product displays, we have also been known to..

Aug 16, 2021 |

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Counter and Hanging Sneeze Guards

Aug 16, 2021 |

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Featured Project: Kellogg's NYC Welcomes Spider Man

Kellogg's celebrated the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home in a big way! With a partnership, sure to appeal to young kids and adults..

Aug 16, 2021 |

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Award Show Graphics | YMTA's

Print Marketing for Award Shows and Upfronts At C2 Imaging we have worked on many events, including several television upfronts. The most..

Aug 16, 2021 |

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Personalized On-Boarding Kits for New Employees

It's no secret that having a strong employee base is one of the keys to business success. But how does a company build this base? Besides..

Aug 16, 2021 |

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A Leader in the Printing Industry

At the end of 2016 Printing Impressions released their 33rd Annual PI400 list. This is a comprehensive list of the leading printing..

Aug 16, 2021 |

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Gain Valuable Brand Exposure With Custom Branded Boxes

Custom printed boxes stand out and have a lot of uses! Whether you need printed influencer boxes, welcome kits, virtual training kits,..

Jun 29, 2021 |

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Barricade Graphics for Your Business

Barricade graphics are the perfect solution for retail construction and renovations, exterior building updates, new residential or commercial..

May 17, 2021 |

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Stand-Out Standees for Your Business

You want your signage to stand out, and that’s just what a standee will do. From cutouts to banner stands and other self-standing signs,..

Apr 27, 2021 |

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5 Reasons to Use Fabric SEG in Your Retail Store

SEG stands for “Silicone Edge Graphics” and it’s the hottest trend in the retail industry today. Why is it so popular? It is an easy way to..

Mar 22, 2021 |

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SEG Fabric Frames that Pack a Visual Punch

Are you looking for a new way to create a wow factor in your space? One that can easily be updated and still be fiscally responsible for..

Mar 22, 2021 |

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5 Things Employers Should do When Welcoming Workers Back

While sales for many businesses have suffered because of the shelter-in-place mandates, we know that a greater struggle is ahead. Companies..

Mar 19, 2021 |

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Unique Ways to Communicate with Employees

The world is always evolving and how you communicate to employees is not something that is safe from change. In fact, it’s an area you need to..

Mar 19, 2021 |

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Give a Warm Welcome with Window Graphics

Do you need to refresh your space? Looking for some design inspiration for your windows? Window graphics are the answer! From retail..

Jan 27, 2021 |

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Outdoor Marketing Ideas During a Pandemic

Operations have changed across most industries, and some of that change may stick around or evolve after the pandemic has ended. So how do you..

Oct 12, 2020 |

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Experiential Marketing Through a Pandemic

How do you market during a pandemic when shopping and spending patterns have clearly changed? After staying home for so long it’s no wonder..

Aug 17, 2020 |

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COVID-19 Update: Here to Help Support Your Business

We are open and committed to continuing operations throughout our 17 locations of C2 Imaging and our Vomela Family, to provide..

Jun 19, 2020 |

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Providing a Gap Analysis for Human Resources

A gap analysis is a great way to assess your company's current performance against performance goals and determine how you can achieve those..

Mar 3, 2020 |

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Print Marketing Trends in 2020

As we start a new decade we can't help but reflect on the past. Vomela was ranked 22 out of 400 in Printing Impressions' Who's Who in..

Jan 15, 2020 |

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4 Ways to Help Sales Reps Accomplish Their Goals

Benjamin Franklin said it best, “Time is money.” For busy sales reps, tasked with generating daily sales and meeting the needs of demanding..

Nov 27, 2019 |

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Floor Graphics for Unique Marketing

The average American adult now spends 3 hours and 43 minutes per day on mobile devices. It’s not uncommon to see people staring at their..

Nov 5, 2019 |

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The Most Effective Types of Safety Signage

More than 2.8 million workplace injuries are reported by private industry employers each year, and nearly one-third of those non-fatal..

Oct 17, 2019 |

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Clever Ways to Engage Pre, During, and Post Trade Show

Trade shows are one of the best places to connect with potential customers face-to-face, but making those connections means capturing the..

Oct 10, 2019 |

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Colors in Marketing Evoke Emotions

We all know a major part of a good design is choosing the right colors. And there's a reason for that. Not only does a good design need to be..

Sep 9, 2019 |

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3 Promotion Strategies for Retailers to Make You Stand Out

In the Retail, Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) and Fast Casual industries, you need to change campaigns frequently and seamlessly. At C2..

Aug 15, 2019 |

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8 Branding No-No's to Toss Out

There are many traditional practices or "rules" when it comes to marketing. Specifically in the internal marketing space, brands tend to give..

Jul 26, 2019 |

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Featured Project: The Ninja Turtles Celebrate 35 Years

Celebrate big! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles story began in 1984 and now, 35 years later, Nickelodeon celebrates the anniversary by..

Jun 21, 2019 |

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5 Reasons to Break the Rules with Your Marketing

Rules are meant to be broken. When it comes to marketing your business, we strongly urge you to reconsider the status quo. Here's why: Rules..

Apr 9, 2019 |

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Enhancing the Customer Experience With a Secret Superpower

As a society, we are becoming increasingly more visual. Adding bold visuals to your store is important because it creates an inviting..

Nov 14, 2018 |

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7 Invaluable Solutions we offer to Retail Marketers

You’ve seen the smooth execution of our printed in-store campaigns, but what goes on behind the scenes? Customer-centered workflows driven..

Oct 22, 2018 |

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Benefits of Working with a Large Network Print Partner

C2 Imaging has seven locations across the U.S. and one in Canada. But that's only part of our network. C2 Imaging is part of The Vomela..

Oct 12, 2018 |

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4 Exhibit Tips That Might Pop up at Your Next Trade Show

A flat banner-stand and a table cloth used to be the best way to show your brand at a trade show. But today, print and event marketing has..

Oct 5, 2018 |

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Choosing the Right Wall Material for Your Space

Custom printed wall murals add character to any space, in any industry. Whether you're wrapping a corporate office to tell your brand’s..

Jul 23, 2018 |

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86 Your Bad Print Vendors, C2 Imaging is Your Partner in Print

Restaurants and Print Marketing: A Menu of Services What do you look for in a print partner? Our specialized services, top quality, and..

Jul 17, 2018 |

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Turn Your Building into a Billboard

Large, over-sized murals applied to the outside of your building draw attention. If you're looking to display your message loud and clear,..

Jun 21, 2018 |

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The Biggest Weekend Retailers Cannot Ignore

In 2017, m ore than 174 million Americans shopped in-store or online during the busiest holiday weekend of the year, Thanksgiving Day,..

Jun 12, 2018 |

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Making Sense of Multichannel Marketing

Below is a summary from our Multichannel Marketing Report. Click here to download the full report. What is Multichannel Marketing? ..

May 24, 2018 |

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Team Building Event Donates Bikes to YMCA

The joy of being a kid and being presented with your first bicycle is unmatched. New opportunities appear before you as you gain a new level..

May 23, 2018 |

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3 Tips for Interactive Communications in the Workplace

Typically human resource departments have been known for their Push communications, delivering important dates and messages via email or..

May 9, 2018 |

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A Super Event Calls for Super Graphics

Super Bowl LII was certainly an exciting one! In a win that fans have been dreaming of for a long time, the underdog Eagles beat the..

Apr 9, 2018 |

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5 Pro Tips in Retail Visuals

Visuals are responsible for 83% of the information that our brains process. What message does your marketing convey? Here are some key..

Mar 26, 2018 |

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Drive Your Brand With Fleet Graphics

Did you know fleet graphics can cost a lot less than more traditional advertising mediums like television, newspapers and even radio? 3M..

Feb 26, 2018 |

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New Trade Show Display Products

Save time setting up your display at your next trade show or exhibit with these new products from C2 Imaging. The Klik Magic Podium can be..

Feb 20, 2018 |

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Our Most Attractive Small Format Pieces in Your Hands

Small format materials like booklets, brochures, business cards, and postcards are items that every company will use at some point. To..

Jan 16, 2018 |

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New Year, New Print Marketing Strategy

The start of a new year is the perfect time to tweak your marketing strategy and focus on streamlining things during the year to come...

Jan 2, 2018 |

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Customer Appreciation Strategies

In the sales setting, customer appreciation is not just about making the customer think good things about your brand, but also about..

Dec 14, 2017 |

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KLIK Modular Displays for Trade Shows, Exhibits and More

Elaborate trade show or exhibit displays gather a lot of attention, but unfortunately, they also tend to cost a lot of money, time and..

Dec 5, 2017 |

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C2 Imaging Welcomes Tepel Brothers Printing

The Vomela Companies expands once again in Michigan. Tepel Brothers Printing, of Troy Michigan, will now operate as a division of C2..

Oct 31, 2017 |

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Internal Events - More Fun with Print

In case you weren't aware, C2 Imaging knows how to have fun! That’s why we are the number one print partner to companies looking to boost..

Oct 20, 2017 |

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Graphics on Storefront Windows Help Push In-Store Traffic and Sales

Window graphics are a key component to brick and mortar advertising. While your logo helps to identify your store, you can also use..

Sep 27, 2017 |

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1300 ft of History and Vinyl | Corporate Timeline Project

We all know how graphics can play a positive role in corporate environments ( see our article on that here), but this project was really a..

Jul 26, 2017 |

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Graphic Systems Group Joins C2 Imaging in New York

The Vomela Companies announced the acquisition of the visual merchandising division of former Graphic Systems Group (GSG) in June 2017. GSG..

Jun 30, 2017 |

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Outdoor Kits

Outdoor Graphic Kits Research shows that 85% of your customers live or work within a 5-mile radius; meaning high exposure to outdoor..

Apr 10, 2017 |

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C2 Imaging Welcomes Elk Grove Graphics

The Vomela Companies recently acquired Elk Grove Graphics of the greater Chicago area as a division of C2 Imaging. We are excited to..

Mar 7, 2017 |

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Custom, Web-Based Marketing Solutions Using our proprietary GoC2i software, C2 Imaging can build a client-branded virtual storefront that..

Jan 31, 2017 |

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C2 Imaging Has a New Look

New Year, New Look Hello 2017! It is a New Year and C2 Imaging has a new look! Our company has continued to evolve during changing times..

Jan 3, 2017 |

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Putting Together the Adder Stand

Recently we’ve seen these types of banner stands take over the retail and restaurant industry by storm. Adder stands are simple and sleek..

Dec 14, 2016 |

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Integrating Direct Mail into your Digital Marketing

Did you know, print is more relevant than ever? Savvy marketers are merging their social media strategies with direct mail and it is..

Nov 21, 2016 |

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Custom Booklet and Notebooks for Internal Communication

There are many great digital solutions to help strengthen internal communications. Company intranet systems can be a significant resource..

Nov 7, 2016 |

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Small Format Materials for Seasonal Promotions

Using Small Format Printed Materials for Seasonal Promotions Retail and restaurant clients take advantage of the holidays and seasons as a..

Oct 5, 2016 |

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Graphics for Corporate Environments

The Importance of Graphics in the Corporate Environment Why are graphics important in corporate environments? Visuals and graphics reflect..

Oct 3, 2016 |

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Transforming a Venue for an Event

Contracting a venue for your event or conference? Branding the space is an important part of marketing. You want your attendees to feel..

Sep 20, 2016 |

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Ground Breaking Floor Graphics

Ground Breaking Floor Graphics Want a great, unique way to grab attention? Consider using floor graphics. Most people (and I say most..

Sep 9, 2016 |

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New beMatrix Print Partnership

We are proud to announce that one of C2 Imaging's affiliates has recently become the first print partner for the beMatrix b62 frame system..

Aug 4, 2016 |

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Dressing a Conference Room

We've all been there - the dreaded conference room for a kickoff or brainstorming meeting. Generally speaking, they aren't the most..

Jul 21, 2016 |

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Supplies for a Pop Up Event

You've seen them come and go quickly, and if you've experienced one, then you know it's something awesome. Pop up events are usually very..

Jun 16, 2016 |

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Client Testimonial: SafeSplash Swim School Franchise

SafeSplash Swim School is the Nation’s leading warm water swim lesson provider for children and adults. We currently have over 85..

May 31, 2016 |

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Wow Them with White Ink

For a fresh and unique look, C2 Imaging prints crisp white ink that pops when paired with bright or darker colors. White ink can be..

Mar 29, 2016 |

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Take Command at Your Next Conference

Are you in the midst of planning for a convention, meeting, or event? C2 Imaging specializes in producing customized graphics and signage..

Mar 3, 2016 |

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Print Marketing Supports Digital Promotions

Times are Changing Remember driving to your local video rental store and walking up and down the aisles for half an hour trying to find a..

Oct 19, 2015 |

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Point-of-Sale Signage Tips for Restaurants

One of the main reasons to have point-of-sale (POP) signage in your restaurant is to influence customer decisions. POP signage includes..

Sep 29, 2015 |

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Online Ordering Solutions for Print Materials | GoC2i

Get your marketing materials when you need them. With the GoC2i online ordering system, we partner with your business and deliver a..

Sep 15, 2015 |

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C2 Imaging Denver Hosts 'C2 University'

The Englewood, CO C2 Imaging team held its first ever 'C2 University' day in July 2015. Children of C2 Imaging team members were invited..

Sep 1, 2015 |

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Step It Up with Meeting Backdrops

A colorful, custom step and repeat backdrop brings your brand to new heights! C2 Imaging provides high quality, non-glare backdrops with a..

Aug 27, 2015 |

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C2 Imaging Loves Fun

We have fun at C2 Imaging, bringing concepts to life and witnessing the impact that carries to your business. From pamphlets to vehicle..

Jun 18, 2015 |

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Tips for Combining Social Media and Print Marketing

You already know social media is popular with many people of different ages and backgrounds. Social media, when utilized correctly, has..

Jan 20, 2015 |

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Featured Project: America's Cup in Bermuda

Did you know that America's Cup, a sailing yacht competition, has the oldest international trophy in sports history? The first race took..

Dec 12, 2014 |

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Renewing Your Corporate Space

Does office decor really affect employee morale and productivity? According to Sherry Burton Ways, interior designer, color therapist and..

Nov 6, 2014 |

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Acquisition of Master Print Expands Traditional Print Offerings

C2 Imaging is happy to announce that Master Print, Inc has joined The Vomela Companies. What does this mean for us? For many years we have..

Oct 20, 2014 |

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Reduce Retail Theft with Dummy Boxes

Fake Product Boxes Help to Reduce Theft in Retail Stores Most high-theft items in the retail industry are small, lightweight and typically..

Sep 5, 2014 |

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New Magnetic Displays

If you thought your trade show or event booth was awesome before, you'll want to look at this. Combining our easy-to-install fabric banners..

Jun 10, 2014 |

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Think Back to School

It's time to think about back-to-school! While most kids, teens, and college students are happy to be beginning their summer shortly, it..

May 27, 2014 |

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Welcome New Customers with Window Displays

Convert Window Shoppers into Customers Traditionally, window shopping refers to consumers looking at retail window displays while in the..

Apr 22, 2014 |

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Graphics Make Product Displays Pop

These Creative Retail Displays Support Point-of-Purchase Advertising Whether shopping for a specific item or just browsing, retail..

Feb 24, 2014 |

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Denver vs. Seattle - C2 Imaging Style

The Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks will compete against each other this year in the Super Bowl. While most of our Englewood, Colorado..

Jan 23, 2014 |

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Brighten Up Your Marketing

Backlit signs make your message shine! Lightboxes, backlits, light-up signs, whatever you want to call them, they are very beneficial to..

Jan 14, 2014 |

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Marketing that Sticks

Magnetic Signage Retail signage changes frequently and often needs to be done by an installer. C2 Imaging can now combine magnetic..

Dec 12, 2013 |

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Benefits of Storefront Barricades

Do you have an empty retail store or a construction site? Then you should consider putting up a barricade. Consumers don’t want to see..

Nov 12, 2013 |

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C2 Imaging Print On-Demand Virtual Storefront

Need more resources to help support your marketing efforts? C2 can help! Using our proprietary e-commerce software, C2 Imaging can build..

Oct 30, 2013 |

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Pop-Up Shop Trend

Why a Pop-Up Shop is good for Business You’ve probably seen or heard of a pop-up shop by now as they have been gaining more popularity in..

Oct 1, 2013 |

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Unique Promotional Vehicle Graphics

Use Your Commercial Vehicle to Advertise Many businesses have commercial vehicles such as delivery trucks and vans or even company cars...

Sep 17, 2013 |

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Branding Your Event

Small Format Makes a Big Impact When you host an event, such as this product announcement event we worked on with Bose, you need graphics...

Sep 5, 2013 |

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Gone with the Mannequin

A New Retail Window Display Solution Typically, when you sell out of the item featured on a mannequin then it’s time to remerchandise the..

Aug 20, 2013 |

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Ad Campaign Uses Fabric

Ford C-MAX Live Campaign When Ford Motors began promoting their new 2013 C-MAX they decided to do it with Ford Social. This campaign would..

Aug 6, 2013 |

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Sweet Retail Graphics

Full Outdoor & Indoor Graphic Solutions IT’SUGAR is known for their bright and colorful stores. It’s a fun environment that represents..

Jul 23, 2013 |

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Small Conference, Big Graphics

Huffington Post’s First Women’s Conference Arianna Huffington and Mika Brzezinski hosted the first ever The Third Metric conference. The..

Jul 9, 2013 |

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Corporate Office Artwork

Cochlear’s Corporate Office Gets Artsy Cochlear, a leader in the hearing aid industry, wanted to post their mission statement in their..

Jun 25, 2013 |

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C2 Imaging Company Endorsement from Electrobot Creative

NBA ALL-STAR - 2013 HOUSTON "C2 Imaging teamed up with Electrobot Creative to bring the 2013 NBA All-Star to Houston this year with a bold..

Jun 13, 2013 |

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Welcome to C2 Spark

Welcome to our blog! We hope our posts will "spark" some inspiration for your next marketing project. C2 Imaging, a Vomela affiliated..

Jun 11, 2013 |

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