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Promotional Art

More than just Marketing

More than just promotional graphics on billboards, storefronts and product displays, we have also been known to print pieces for use as decorative art and in galleries. Sometimes, promotional pieces can also be artistic.

WAT-AAH! is a unique brand of bottled water that started by a mom who wanted her two kids to drink more water. Today, WAT-AAH! is available in over 15,000 supermarket retailers and 8,500+ schools across the US. The goal is simple and pure: market water to kids as fun and exciting, leading them to drink more water instead of sugary beverages. How can argue with that? WAT-AAH! launched Taking Back the Streets (TBTS), a way to promote drinking more water through the use of street art, art shows, celebrity endorsements and more.

C2 Imaging had the honor to produce many graphics for a WAT-AAH! art show at ArtBeam in NYC.

Check out the gallery below:




























































Printed and installed graphics included:

  • Vinyl mural applied to outside brick
  • Opticlear graphics on window
  • Cut vinyl on window
  • Matte paper cut to shape
  • Floor graphics that looked like chalk
  • Gatorboard posters

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Aug 16, 2021 |

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