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Integrating Direct Mail into your Digital Marketing

Did you know, print is more relevant than ever? Savvy marketers are merging their social media strategies with direct mail and it is paying off in a big way.

Here are a few ways you can include direct mail to enhance your digital campaigns:
Personalization & Localization Use your social analytics to segment your audience by age, location, and interest. Your direct mail promotion can be very specific and catered to personal preferences. By using our variable data service, you can change the content of each piece to really create a personal impact.

Product Information & Events
Create hype around upcoming product launches or big events! Use social media to start the conversation, leading your followers to a landing page that has more robust information for them to get their hands on. Then mail the details to really drive home the message. Nothing beats a printed brochure, event guide, or other printed brand materials.

It goes both ways - be sure to include the same hashtags and social site URLs that are used in your online messaging on all printed materials to create a cohesive and integrated campaign.

We can provide any direct mail or small format print solution. Contact us for an estimate or to discuss solutions for your business or event.

See some of our Direct Mail project examples in our


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