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Small Format Materials for Seasonal Promotions

Using Small Format Printed Materials for Seasonal Promotions

Retail and restaurant clients take advantage of the holidays and seasons as a way to spin promotions, introduce seasonal items and change up their marketing a bit. Outside of a new Facebook cover photo, what else can you do?

There are many small format printed materials that a retail store or restaurant could use to promote new sales or "most wanted" items during the season/holiday. Here are some projects we have created in the past:
  • Punch Cards/Rewards Cards - These are used for the old buy some and get one free deals, but we have also seen some clients offer a select number of items at a special price during a specific time frame, a temporary "rewards" card, if you will.
  • Mailers - Mail out your new promotions to a larger audience to help spread the word about your seasonal deals or products. Get creative with the types of mailers and graphics to help you stand out. When introducing a new seasonal product or re-introducing, consider sending out a "coming soon" mailer with the date of the release and pair with a coupon to entice sales.
  • In-Store Materials - Use table tents, wall posters and counter cards to advertise new promotions, menu items or products. Make use of blank wall space or even ceiling space where you can hang a sign or banner. You can even consider floor graphics to direct consumers to your seasonal section or to promote new items.
Looking for more ideas? Need to execute promotional signage to multiple locations/regions? We can help. Contact C2 Imaging to discuss your next project and/or to request a quote.  

Take a look at some of our project examples below.




































Oct 05, 2016 |

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