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Personalized On-Boarding Kits for New Employees

It's no secret that having a strong employee base is one of the keys to business success. But how does a company build this base? Besides hiring top talent, you need to show employees that you care about them by offering benefits and resources. Having the tools they need to succeed will help any employee feel optimistic.

Additionally, your company should trust in its employees. Open communication with management will go a long way. So how do you start off on a good foot with new employees? With an impressive on-boarding kit! These kits introduce your company’s culture in a tangible way and create trust and engagement from the first day on.

Below are a few ways we can help create or support your on-boarding tactics. Plus, take a look at our very own on-boarding kits.

Print Solutions for your On-Boarding Kit:
  • Fresh set of business cards
  • Personalized note cards with the new hire’s name
  • Branded notebook + pen
  • Map of the campus or building if necessary
  • A tech card that lists IT information
  • Welcome card that is signed by the executives digitally
  • Laptop stickers or a die cut computer monitor welcome sign
  • Culture book on your company and brand
  • Training manuals and any necessary HR copy 

C2 Imaging can help plan, produce and deliver on all of these and then some! 

Contact your local representative to learn more about how we can help your business and request a quote.


Aug 16, 2021 |

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