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Ideas to Help Recruiting Efforts

Recruiting has never felt as difficult as it does now. But don’t feel defeated, we’re sharing some ideas to help your recruiting efforts. From Now Hiring signage to prospect kits and more, we know you’ll find these tips useful.

1. Get the word out through signage! From window graphics and building wraps to POP signage and table-top signs, we have a solution for your business. Utilize the spaces that passerby’s see from outside, and what customers see inside. Advertise with Now Hiring signs and use these tips to peak interest:

- Highlight key benefits

- Use a QR code that drives them directly to your application site

2. How’s your social media and website helping you? Believe it or not, your business is being interviewed before the candidate ever applies. They scour your website, social media and sites like Glassdoor.com to get a feel for what your company does, how they treat employees, what the mission of the company is, etc. They want to see if you’re a company they want to work for. So be sure your digital presence is up-to-date and that you utilize your social media channels to not only highlight job openings, but your current star employees, team appreciation events, community service projects, etc.

You can do this in-store too. Consider dedicating a wall to include pictures and signage that explains your mission and highlights team members, community involvement and more.

3. Treat your best candidates like top customer prospects. You don’t want to leave a lead waiting too long, so you should treat your best job candidates with the same urgency.

How can you win them over? Send a company kit overnight to WOW them! We have helped many customers created custom-branded boxes. Include a pamphlet with highlights about your company, some branded swag and a custom letter to let them know you think they are the perfect fit for the position.

4. It’s not over once they're hired. Let’s be real, you can still lose a new employee after they have recently been hired. Chances are they may hear back about another job they applied for previously and consider it. Let them know how much you value them and remind them why your company is so great.

Send a welcome kit. These are great to just say “welcome to the company, we are happy to have you” or to also include important tools for training and on-boarding.

Setup a step and repeat with your logo to use as a backdrop for new employee photos and be sure to share them on social media to highlight your new team members. This is also an opportunity to include a message that you’re still hiring and mention the positions or departments. 

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If you need help with recruiting signage and on-boarding materials, please reach out. We’re happy to discuss ideas. From planning to production, we have your signage solutions covered.

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