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Engaging with Customers Through Print Marketing

Engaging with your customers may seem obvious when it comes to in-person opportunities and social media, but what about through print marketing? How can you get consumers to engage with your brand by using print marketing solutions? Answer: Retailtainment. The term was coined by author George Ritzer. Described in his book, Enchanting a Disenchanted World: Revolutionizing the Means of Consumption, as the "use of ambiance, emotion, sound and activity to get customers interested in the merchandise and in a mood to buy." We have a few great ideas on how to create an emotional experience using print.

- Create Photo Opportunities. Adding a selfie section with props that scream "take a picture with me" are great ways to get customers engaged. Take it a step further by adding social media hashtags and handles so they know how to tag their photos. Then make sure your social team is ready to engage with the photos from your brand account. Incentivize social activity with a promotional coupon for their return visit. This is a fun and rewarding way to create a memorable experience for your store visitors and boost social content.

- Interactive Media. It's one thing to look at a sign, but actually stopping, watching and learning will make a big impact. Our Klik standees and walls can hold tablets, which can increase sales when incorporating product demonstrations and interactive apps. They are also great for gathering customer information with questionnaires, entry forms, and sign-ups. Our fabric standees can even hold TV displays. Run an informational video about your product or service to help educate the consumer.

- Right this Way. Technology is a game changer in retail and if you're using it right you have an "in-store pick-up" section in your store. Directional signage is a must and can be a blessing for those customers in a hurry and looking for your online pick-up area. Being clearly directed to retrieve their order is refreshing and now is your chance to engage them. Add clever signage at the “in-store pick-up” section and consider including more product displays and point-of-purchase (POP) advertisements. Re-think this area of your store as its own department and focus on ways to keep this area impressive and exciting.

- Hello World. One of the most underutilized spaces is the outside of a building. Why only speak to the visitors in your store, when you can speak to the volumes of people passing by your building? If you really want to surprise consumers and grab their attention, consider unique solutions like sidewalk graphics and building wraps. These can be used to direct people to your building and to create a playful interactive experience.

- Augmented Reality. Mobile phones are at our side every step of the way. With augmented reality, we can use mobile devices as a tool for engagement. Whether it's a playful gaming platform or a product visualization application, the digital + print fusion is the next big thing. Companies like Blippar are one giant leap ahead of the game in developing augmented reality experiences and we're right there with you strategically designing your display.

- Immersive Experiences. We're far past a few stanchion posters in modern retail design. Today, we are not just discussing colors on your wall, but rather the texture of the material that adds to the aesthetics of your space. Incorporating shapes and visuals in each area of your store and doing so in an appealing manner. Not forgetting the tactile experience on small hand-held pieces. We have the power to design complete environments in each store that evokes emotion and generates unforgettable experiences.

Take a look at our gallery of examples below.



























































































We invite you to EXPLORE new materials, surfaces and ideas with your C2 team. By exploring the next big trend, you're creating a new environment for your customer to EXPERIENCE. With that, we believe you'll ENGAGE more than ever before and see a lasting impact on the relationship between brand and consumer. Its time to explore retailtainment. Contact us to begin.


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