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3 Tips for Interactive Communications in the Workplace

Typically human resource departments have been known for their Push communications, delivering important dates and messages via email or intranet. There are several reasons why changing to a Pull strategy in your employee communications will make a difference in your team and how they receive your messages.

1. Make the information easy to process

There are three ways humans process information; Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. Approximately 65 percent of our population are visual learners, who learn best from visual aids and images. Approximately 30 percent are auditory and the remaining 5 percent are kinesthetic, meaning they learn best from an experience that is connected to reality.  Using printed campaigns in a physical setting will help ALL of your employees process and retain that information, as opposed to reaching a small percentage via email.

2. Avoid information overload

Information overload can be a major cause of stress and lost productivity in the workplace. Receiving messages into an already ‘full’ inbox is not an effective way of sending important information, with or without the high priority setting.  Studies have shown that on average, people only remember 3-5 points from most standard communications. Creating a highly effective printed element will help them retain and understand all of the information in your message.

3. Employ quarterly programs

The best possible Pull strategy is with the use of quarterly communication programs. In your office, create an area designated for HR. Each quarter the content is updated with the latest information the employee would need to know. Examples are benefits enrollment dates, upcoming company events, opioid crisis classes, health & wellness program sign up, etc.  

Pull the employee into that space two ways. First, by being consistent in updating the area each quarter so the employee knows it is fresh and new and when to expect updates. Second, by drawing them with directional aids installed throughout the office. This could be printed floor clings, directional banner stands, or hanging elements placed at entrances.

The most essential part in all that you do as a Human Resources professional is to make the employee feel valued and engaged. At C2 Imaging, we believe the best way to do that is through highly effective and engaging communications that prove the employee is what matters most.

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May 09, 2018 |

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