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Reduce Retail Theft with Dummy Boxes

Fake Product Boxes Help to Reduce Theft in Retail Stores

Most high-theft items in the retail industry are small, lightweight and typically expensive. The smaller the item, the easier it is for someone to get away with it. How can you prevent that? Using larger product packaging will only cost more money and isn’t something a retailer can control. Setting up fake product packages in your store is one solution that works very well. The customer grabs the box of the item they want and pays for it at the register. The cashier will exchange the dummy box for the actual product after the customer has already paid for it.

C2 Imaging has designed a solution like this for a client. We produced custom printed sleeves to fit over a box. The retail staff will put together the boxes and slide the product sleeve over it. The sleeve design allows the retailer to switch the labels on the boxes to match product inventory on an as-needed basis. 

The retailer was so thrilled with the prototypes that they decided to use this solution in all of their 200+ locations. C2 Imaging then set up a print on-demand virtual storefront that allows the store staff to order the sleeves they need when they need it.

From small format print solutions to large-scale projects, C2 Imaging is the premier printing company in the US and Vancouver.

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