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How to Boost Engagement at Your Next Event

Whether you are setting up a booth at a conference, hosting a large outdoor event, or setting up a kiosk in a retail store, the one thing that remains consistent is the need to motivate and get your audience to engage with your brand. Here are some ways you can boost engagement before, during and after your next event.

Starting before the event 

If you have a list of attendees, let us help you create a personalized multi-touchpoint campaign incorporating email, direct mail and possibly welcome kits. Spark motivation and get them excited to attend.

Most of all, think how you can get them to engage with your brand prior to the event. Is there a game or raffle they can participate in? Include any slogan, hashtags, social media handles and instructions so they can properly engage via social media and spread the word.

Transform your space

No matter how big or small your space is, we can help plan and implement a design that will not only help your brand stand out, but also wow your event attendees. The goal is to attract them to specific areas and to capture their attention and or get them to take photos. From floor and wall graphics, to tents, backdrops and stage graphics, to pop ups, tables and seats, lighted signage and so much more. We are here to help you transform any space. We live and breathe custom – so there isn’t much we can’t do.

One of the best ways you can get people to engage with your space is to use powerful graphics and signage to create selfie backdrops and “rooms.” These should also include some type of branding or product placement, so it’s recognized in photos online.

Games are also a fun way to get your audience to engage with your team and other attendees.

The follow up

The first few days after an event are extremely valuable. You are still top of mind to your attendees, making it the perfect time to reach out to them.

If you hosted a pop-up museum or some type of fun event, a simple thank you email and reminder for a future event would be a great way to keep your audience engaged.

If you are hoping to gain new clients, grab those top leads from your event and re-introduce yourself, thank them and let them you know you will be in touch soon. Another great way to engage with this audience is to send them an introduction kit. This could be a custom box loaded with product samples, or a packet that introduces your company a bit more. The sky is the limit, and we have a lot of experience with producing kits.

Check out the video below to see some examples of graphics and signage we have produced for events.

The possibilities are endless with event marketing, but we are here to help you navigate them. C2 Imaging is a premier printing company with offices and production facilities across the US and Canada. From planning to printing, shipping and installation, we are here for you.

Nov 01, 2021 |

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