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Solutions for Boosting Internal Communications

Communication is vital to the success of any organization. Not only does your marketing need to be consistent and clear, but your internal communication needs to be strong and lively. Poor internal communication can result in disengaged employees, high turnover, poor customer service, loss in productivity and profits and much more. To avoid or improve on these negatives, you'll need to initiate a plan to better communication within your organization. Below are some examples of projects our clients have enlisted our help with.

  • Be Part of the Solution - When Denver Public Schools launched 'Denver Plan 2020', they asked the involved organizations and team members to write down their "commitment" to the plan. These messages were written on vinyl that C2 Imaging installed on the elevator doors at DPS headquarters. This signage serves as a reminder to all visitors and employees that Denver Plan 2020 can happen with the help of everyone involved. Watch this video from DPS, featuring our signs.
  • Share Goals - Employees were asked to write down a goal that was later attached to a banner and hung for all to see. This type of project can highlight shared goals and could even spark new ideas for efficiency.
  • See Motivation - One client had motivational posters produced for their internal offices. Employees signed the ones they really liked and the posters were hung as a reminder when motivation is needed.
  • Share Positive Stories - There are many signage solutions that allow your team to post employee spotlight stories, an employee of the month, awards, goals, positive reviews, fun projects, etc. Messages like these remind employees that you not only care about their work, but about them too.
































































































Boosting your internal communications will result in more engaged employees. C2 Imaging has a lot of experience with temporary print solutions. Some sign ideas include die cut wobblers for cubicles or die cut monitor attachments, danglers and hanging banners, elevator wraps, floor graphics, wall graphics, and standees. Have an idea, but not quite sure how to execute it? We have creative and account professionals ready to help you and your organization. We not only specialize in large and small format printing, but we also plan and deliver solutions that clients love.

Contact us to get started with your next project.