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Unique Promotional Vehicle Graphics

Use Your Commercial Vehicle to Advertise

Many businesses have commercial vehicles such as delivery trucks and vans or even company cars. For special promotions, a business or artist may lease a tour bus or personal vehicle. Food trucks wouldn’t be mobile without the truck. Think about all the miles those vehicles are driving. Each one is an opportunity.

From full vehicle wraps to die cut graphics there is an opportunity to turn your commercial vehicle into a mobile advertisement.

Take a look at our gallery below to see examples of vehicle graphics we have produced.













































The more mileage the vehicle travels, the more impressions your brand will get. So how do you maximize this opportunity? Of course, you want to generate leads from these graphics but remember it needs to remain simple for those that do not have a visual memory.

Tips for Commercial Vehicle Graphics:

  • Don’t get carried away placing a giant QR code on the back door or window. Think like a commuter. If you’re driving safely then you are hands-free. You also shouldn’t have a need to visit a website at that given moment. 
  • Always put your logo on both sides of the vehicle and the rear. 
  • Posting a web address and/or phone number is not a bad idea for when the vehicle is stopped, in traffic or parked. 
  • Use the same logic as with billboards. Keep your message to seven words or less. Make sure the graphic is large enough that people can see it when in motion. 
  • Get creative with graphics that stand out and speak to your brand. 

From design to installation, C2 Imaging can help your business with vehicle graphics.

Contact us today for more information or to request a quote.  


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