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Providing a Gap Analysis for Human Resources

A gap analysis is a great way to assess your company's current performance against performance goals and determine how you can achieve those goals. You can provide a gap analysis for your Human Resources department too.  Analyzing your HR practices and infrastructure will help you see where your company may be falling short, preventing you from reaching those goals. 

Here are some topics to address in your gap analysis:

Job descriptions – Keep them updated to match expectations for current employees. Make sure they are clear and open about job requirements and skills. 

Employee handbook – When was the last time you reviewed your handbook or guidelines? Much like that training video from 1994, you need to have a book that is fresh and relevant. Are your policies up to date, meeting employee expectations, in line with the company mission and abiding by local and federal regulations? 

Keeping printed copies of an employee handbook on hand are a requirement for some companies. As laws and regulations change, we’re able to assist with the modification of your books. Our speed and quality is unmatched, allowing us to get your handbook updated in a timely manner and ready for immediate use. Plus, an updated version is a chance to put the handbook in front of existing employees again. 


Training programs – This is one of the first introductions to your company for new employees. One that should leave them feeling excited and proud of their new job. Outdated, boring materials can leave a sour taste and set the wrong expectations. 

We have produced thousands of interactive training booklets for companies of all sizes. If you need a small set or thousands, we have the technology to get you the best price in any scenario.

Take a look at these fun on-boarding ideas.

Health & wellness and benefits enrollments – This is a hot topic. Are you providing enough options and programs? Make sure your offerings match what new and existing employees are looking for. And consider what the competition is offering.

We know you care about your employees and their health, which is why we recommend keeping an exciting health program that ties into benefits announcements. The health and wellness of your employees matters and our print combined with your message will keep programs fun and lively. From health event calendars to benefits information, our print will engage your employees and increase participation.

Check out these print marketing examples for human resources.


PTO & sick days – Paid sick time is a debate across the country as new rules pop up in select states and cities. Make sure you are in compliance. Analyse if your policy puts ahead of the game or behind if local rules change. 

Business performance – Performance could have an impact on benefits. When a company is doing well, it may be good to share some of that success with employees with a higher retirement contribution or bonus, etc. And when performance is low, it may be appropriate to scale down on some of the benefits in order to keep the business stable. 

Contact us to learn how we can help your business fulfill its goals with our print solutions.



Mar 03, 2020 |

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