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Trends for Transforming Your Office in 2024

As offices trend towards having more in-person or hybrid employees, companies are looking to transform their outdated office spaces with renovated designs. The challenge is to bring old spaces to life and create a more exciting, supportive environment for employees.

Any space can use a new look and branding: lobbies, breakrooms, production areas, training spaces, and other areas that could use sprucing up. Here are five trends to consider as you reimagine your office makeover.


1.  Update Your Look

It might be time to update your old aesthetic. Even the most basic or traditional designs can be improved upon with new graphics. Think of adding vinyl graphics or wallpaper to add texture and color to an otherwise boring space. Even ceilings and floors can be fitted with vinyl to mimic texture or a scene (like a blue sky!)

In addition to flat surfaces, other less traditional places can incorporate print – consider wrapping columns or appliances. Wayfinding signage can be added throughout your office to denote segmented areas, like new collaborative spaces or hybrid work areas. Or consider adding privacy graphics to glass doors and windows. Every surface is a new opportunity to share what is important to your brand and your employees.




2.  Prioritize your Employees’ Wellness

About 20% of office space sits empty in the U.S., providing a great opportunity for repurposing. Companies are becoming more mindful of the health and needs of employees, both physical and mental. New or refurbished spaces can be used for employee wellness, exercise, meditation, expressing milk, or even nap pods for a quick power nap.

Each space can have its own unique vibe depending on its purpose. Using vibrant colors or typography in an exercise space can be invigorating, or conversely soothing colors or textures can be used in a space dedicated for meditation and rest. It all depends on the design you choose, within your overall design concept.

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3.  Encourage Teamwork and Company Pride

With employees coming back to the office, it’s a great time to focus on creating better and more collaborative workspaces. An updated office layout can include breakout areas and multiuse spaces. Also, common areas such as kitchens, lounges, or meeting rooms can get a dose of inspirational graphics that boost morale and increase company pride. Ideas include:

  • Company timeline in the lobby area
  • Wall murals to show off your work or employees
  • Dimensional signage to add a 3D element and show brand pride



4.  Make Workspaces More Private

With companies adopting more flexible work policies like hoteling or hot-desking, workplaces are also trending away from open floorplans. If your current office utilizes an open floor plan, you can break up the large space with custom partitions, faux walls, or other dimensional standees. If you can imagine it, we can create it. (And if you need help imagining it, we have you covered there too.)


SC Booth 1-2[88]


5.  Make It Sustainable

Making environmentally friendly choices is a major concern for companies today, including C2 Imaging. We have made a commitment to sustainability, reflected in our ESG work as a supply chain partner, offering sustainable materials and processes for our clients. We can help plan sustainability to be part of your next project.


If you’re ready for your office makeover, contact us today!

May 21, 2024 |

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