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Be Tech-Savvy with Custom Website Technology


What’s better than technology to help you automate your ordering processes? How about custom technology tailor-made for you and supported with real people 24/7/365? That is our proprietary software FLEX, which gives you a personally branded website to easily manage collateral for multiple locations and distribute pre-approved materials. We introduced FLEX in a previous blog, and now we’re here to share how the technical side of it works.


It starts with our in-house tech team

We begin by helping our customers understand FLEX’s capabilities and how it can serve your specific needs. Our technical team will provide a demonstration of the software and then gather information about the desired ordering process. Based on the information we gather about style and organization preferences, our in-house design team builds the site. The result is a simple, good looking, and easy-to-use website that standardizes the material ordering process and distribution of your graphics and marketing collateral. Each site can get up and running, including building, testing, reviewing with the customer, rollout, and time for training. The website looks just like an extension of your brand, matching all of your other assets.


Technical Support from End to End

When you’re up and running with your new site, we are there 24/7/365 to support your technical questions and sales requests. Place your order on your new FLEX site, and those requests for pre-approved materials or custom items go right to C2’s sales and customer support teams. We set everything up on the backend to track inventory and kitting, even alerting you when certain items run low in stock. Included are in-site FLEX tips and videos to solve immediate questions, and tech and sales are available for 1:1 help.


How does all this tech help you?

Customize your products You can order products however you want, from pre-approved materials to customized templates, and one-off items. For example, we can provide a templated design so you can customize graphics within FLEX. In real-time you can choose messaging or other variations based on your location within the design tool. You can choose from pre-approved images and reference your brand guide stored within the site, making customization quick and easy.


Have a lot of entries to update? Upload a spreadsheet to make ordering custom products for multiple locations and franchises easy. Whether it’s 6, 60, 600…you can order any number of custom materials depending on how much data you have.


Automate your inventory We will automatically keep track of your inventory on the backend. You can set up alerts when an item is low in stock, reorder from a previous order, or set up favorite items to make repeat orders easier. Or if preferred, you can always talk to a real human (we might be techy, but we are not AI bots!) and work with sales to set up complicated or repeat orders.


There’s also kitting, where it’s all packaged for you. You don’t need to remember which signs you need for a new store opening or fleet installation. It’s all in FLEX, with installation instructions and layouts to show where the graphics go inside your or store on your vehicle. Bottomline, order everything with one click.


Organize multiple brands and locations under one roof One of our favorite features is the ability to have multiple brands and/or multiple locations on one site under one umbrella brand. Talk about streamlined! Within this feature, your collateral can be organized by locations. For example, if you are a medical organization with many locations, the admin can set parameters for a user group and manager to see just the location and materials that apply to them, with the option of the limiting access to a single item.


You are in charge of the approval process where you can set up conditions for ordering, graphics, copy, messaging etc. This gives you control over who orders what without constant management.


Is this for you?

Do you order a lot of materials throughout the year or have multiple locations or brands? Do you need to organize your distribution of collateral and graphics? Whether you’re a store planner, fleet manager, or marketing manager in charge of graphics, your ordering can be efficient, user-friendly, and fully supported with FLEX. Yet it won’t break the bank. Contact us to tell us your needs.

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