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SEG Fabric Frames that Pack a Visual Punch


Backlit SEG Frame Signage

Are you looking for a new way to create a wow factor in your space? One that can easily be updated and still be fiscally responsible for your budget? We have the solution for you! We’ve been using SEG fabric frames in restaurants, retail settings, airports, arenas, pop-ups, and corporate headquarters.

What are SEG frames?

SEG stands for “silicone edge graphics.” These are graphics printed on a lightweight fabric material with a silicone edge that fits snug into an aluminum frame which pulls the fabric tight so your graphic lays flat like a poster would.

Custom or standard frame sizes are easy for us to manufacture and are done locally in the U.S.

How are SEG fabric frames used?

There are many uses for SEG frames. From free-standing frames that can be used like banner stands, to large walls used to separate spaces or as backdrops at events. Our silicone edge graphics pack a visual pow for your audience!

In office and retail settings we often use wall-mount SEG frames as art, inspiration or just promotional signage.

Using our KLIK™ Magnetic Connection System we can create an SEG frame that pops together hassle-free. Plus, you can use these with our KLIK displays that allow you to add shelves and other components to your display using magnetic technology. This is often useful for tradeshows and events where you may want to display your products or brochures.

Some of our SEG frame solutions can also include lights to give your signage a lightbox effect. Lights are either placed behind the fabric or around the interior of the frame. Check out the examples in our short video and gallery below.


Benefits of using SEG Frames

We are always looking for ways to create an impact and help customers with their overall budget. SEG fabric frames help with both. Shipping costs for graphic replacements are just a small charge because the graphics can be folded and fit into small packaging. Installation is also simple and can be complete by an employee. We provide written instructions as well as videos to explain how to install SEG frames.

Take a look at some of our examples below and let’s connect to discuss your next project and how SEG frames could be a solution for you.


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Mar 22, 2021 |

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