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Supplies for a Pop Up Event

You've seen them come and go quickly, and if you've experienced one, then you know it's something awesome. Pop up events are usually very successful and fun, and we want them to last. But then again, they wouldn't be as special if they weren't a pop up.

Pop up shops are for retail stores, but pop up events are typically used for restaurants (a great way to test out your concept in a new neighborhood), art exhibits and performances.

Materials to use for a Pop Up Event

Like any pop up with hopes of being successful, you'll need to promote your event and leave a lasting impression that leads to word of mouth (and social media) promotions.

Here are some materials you may want to consider:

Window Signage during the "coming soon" phase. Announce when you are coming and give a tease about the event.

Hand Outs to promote your event to the public in the area.

Complete Ambience & Décor to bring your event to life. Make your audience forget where they are and immerse themselves in the experience.

Solutions like wall and floor graphics, table tops, framed prints, hanging banners and die cuts.

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Jun 16, 2016 |

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