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Custom Booklet and Notebooks for Internal Communication

There are many great digital solutions to help strengthen internal communications. Company intranet systems can be a significant resource for employees. However, these systems take a lot of work and money to build and keep maintained and secured. This is a wonderful tool but everyone is different and not all employees will find it easy to use. One great solution that works in conjunction with or in place of an intranet system is the custom workbook, booklet or notebook.

You have a lot of information that should be shared with employees and we have many solutions to help achieve that. Below are some examples of instances where printed materials can be useful for internal communication.

Internal Meeting Presentations: Highlight the key takeaways.
Style Guide: Brand guidelines for designers/marketing and advertising departments and outside agencies.
Booklets for HR Purposes:  Employee handbooks should layout the workplace conduct, policies and benefits.
On-boarding and Training: Provide training sheets, instructions and branded notebooks, shirts, and other objects as a welcome gift.
Internal Newsletters: Keep your employees informed about the company and industry.
Annual Conferences: Boost employee morale and education with training and leadership conferences and meetings. Highlight the key takeaways/lessons.

When it comes to communicating, many people have questions, but few want to ask them. Employees fear that their questions may make them look bad. Solution? Outline the frequently asked questions and resources right in a guide for employees.

Another great idea is to put together a contact sheet. How should one contact a different department with questions and how to know which department to reach out to. These are time savers. No one will need to hesitate to ask questions and waste time trying to figure out what resources to use.

"Withholding information can cause paranoia, and mistakes get made because staff doesn’t have all of the information they need to do their jobs properly. Employees are important ambassadors of your company’s brand, and they can’t be good representatives or advocates unless they have all the necessary information." See more tips on internal communications strategy from Ving.

As we've said before, branding is important in corporate environments. It helps employees feel connected to your organization. When provided with the right tools your team can succeed and surpass goals. It all takes have the right support system available for them.

If you have questions about our small format branding and printing capabilities, please feel free to contact us. C2 Imaging can help your business communicate more effectively.

Custom Booklet Work Examples:










































Nov 07, 2016 |

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