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Stand-Out Standees for Your Business


Self-Standing Standee Signs

You want your signage to stand out, and that’s just what a standee will do. From cutouts to banner stands and other self-standing signs, this type of signage solution is just what you need to get your message in front of customers, event attendees, or employees.

Types of Standees

Cutouts are used for many purposes. While some will use this to create a uniquely shaped sign, others may use this for a bit more of a fun purpose, like life-sized people, pets, etc. Whatever your need is, we are here to help produce the cutout you want.

Magnetic standees are a fabulous solution for retailers. This type of signage makes it easy for store employees to update the sign themselves, changing just one section at a time, all the graphics, or layering additional graphics. Having a sale? Simply add a promotional call out sign to your existing magnetic standee. These can hold several layers of magnetic graphics.

Banner stands are what you often see people use at trade shows and events. These graphics are often built into the stand already and unroll to a standing position. This can be a wonderful portable option for those presenting on the go.

Take a look at some great examples of standees we have produced.

When you need a standout signage solution, turn to C2 Imaging. From concept to production and delivery, we are here to help. Let’s connect to discuss your next project and how your business can use standees.

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