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10 projects to draw a smile to your face | C2 Imaging

10 of our favorite things, that are sure to make you smile. 

Take a moment to enjoy a small collection of some of our favorite projects created by C2 teams across the country.

1. Nothing better than sitting poolside... unless there is a mural telling you to Play, Relax, Repeat! We produced an exterior wall mural for our customer looking to brand every space of their property, their art was perfectly placed.  Check out more projects we have created for real estate and property development here.


2. Photo props like hashtag cut-outs and quote bubbles are becoming increasingly popular. Why not mix it up at your selfie station? Keep people engaged with these hand-held treasures at your next event.


3. Dichroic film is the hot new product this year. Employ all colors of the spectrum by putting this architectural film on your retail windows or conference room glass walls. Its dynamic effect makes the colors change as you view it from different angles. 


4. Floors shall not be forgotten! Cut out directional floor clings are perfect for events. Consider an interactive Hopscotch design to keep attendees engaged and actively experiencing your brand. You can use them to communicate important company messages to your employees too!


5. Corporate timelines should always have a dimensional element, demonstrating growth and change you've experienced as a customer over the years in a robust fashion. We have countless ideas for getting elements to stand out on a simple flat surface.


6. We love dry erase laminate. You can add it to a wide variety of substrates allowing people to interact with your graphics. Use it in retail to get customer feedback and promote social awareness with post-worthy graphics. It can be used in conference room walls to encourage collaboration and idea generation from every employee.


7. Who doesn't love bulldogs? We loved heat forming this giant bulldog graphic to the side of an exterior brick wall.  Did I mention he was wearing sunglasses and riding a skateboard? Whatever your art may look like, we aren't challenged by a heavily textured wall. Bring it on!


8. Giant letters are all the rage as of late. Whether it is a logo, event hashtag or theme for your event, we are seeing them everywhere. Nothing is bolder than displaying your message in grand form for all to see. 


9. The ability to wrap stairs at your event or grand store opening is something you don't want to miss out on, and we have the know-how to pull it off in any setting. Indoors or outdoors, stairstep wraps are an impressive feat and showcase your brand the most fascinating way.


10. Why would event credentials excite us? Because the photo speaks volumes to the number of events we put on in a single year and demonstrates our ability to partner with you on the small elements in addition to the large. Want to see more about our events? Check out our experiential marketing and events page here.

Contact us to find ways to make your customers and employees smile with print.


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