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C2 Imaging Print On-Demand Virtual Storefront

Need more resources to help support your marketing efforts?

C2 can help! Using our proprietary e-commerce software, C2 Imaging can build a print on demand virtual storefront that houses your branded marketing collateral, banners, and signage. The storefront, available 24/7 from any web browser, enables approved users to "click and order" or "modify and order" the documents they need when they need them and in the quantity they need. You control the content and brand, we manage the distribution.

Some of our most successful storefront applications include:
  • Sell Sheets for remote salespeople and offices.
  • Product sheets and case studies for trade shows and events.
  • Point of sale collateral for franchise owners.
  • Retail in-store signage for store managers.
As you can see, the applications are vast and our solution is designed specifically to fit your needs.

Contact your local C2 Imaging rep to learn more.

Oct 30, 2013 |

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