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Gain Valuable Brand Exposure With Custom Branded Boxes

Custom printed boxes stand out and have a lot of uses! Whether you need printed influencer boxes, welcome kits, virtual training kits, corporate thank you gift boxes, or unique packaging for a product launch, we have you covered.

These boxes will surely impress your recipients, leading them to spread the word about your company or product, earning you some valuable brand exposure. Take a look at some custom branded box ideas below and then see some examples of the printed boxes we have produced.

  • Influencer Boxes – When launching a new product you need help getting the word out. That’s where custom printed influencer boxes come in. Design a box that stands out and speaks to your brand, then include a message to the recipient and maybe even some instructions and expectations (photos they should take, social handles and hashtags they should use, etc.), and of course your new product. When we say custom, we mean it. We design the boxes to fit your branding, but also to fit your unique product(s).

Influencer kits are not just for new product launches, they can be for experiences or swag too. If you’re promoting an upcoming movie or show, you may want to send a kit of branded swag to some top social media influencers who are likely to be fans or to discuss the production through their platforms.

And sometimes you just want to spark a little extra joy in people’s lives by sending out a prize or branded swag for fun. Custom branded boxes are perfect for this.

  • Corporate Boxes – Corporations may find custom printed boxes to be useful for internal and external communications. We have had customers create boxes to send as a thank you to clients, or as a product sample kit to prospective clients.

And we have worked on custom boxes for human resource and training departments as well. With the office world changing rapidly and more employees working from home full or at least part time, there is an opportunity to reach internal teams in a special way. Consider creating a welcome kit for onboarding new employees who come to the office and one for employees who will be training and working from home.

Virtual happy hours have also become a popular way to reach internal teams in their WFH environments. We have designed kits to include “happy hour” supplies and team swag.

  • Conference/Event Kits – Many events, public and private have gone virtual to some degree. But this doesn’t mean you can’t engage with attendees. Design a custom printed box as a welcome kit for a conference or event, or as a thank you for attending. Consider including supplies to keep attendees excited about the subject, snacks as brain fuel for conferences, and even sponsorship partner samples or swag.

Check out this video to see some great examples of custom printed boxes we have produced.

While there are many popular reasons to use a printed box, the great thing about custom boxes is that we can produce them for whatever need you have. We are here to help, from planning to production, kitting and more. Contact us to learn about our print capabilities and to discuss your next project.

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Jun 29, 2021 |

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