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5 Pro Tips in Retail Visuals

Visuals are responsible for 83% of the information that our brains process. What message does your marketing convey?

Here are some key factors that should come into consideration when planning your next retail campaign as it applies to storefronts, visual merchandising, and POP signage.


Color has the power to stimulate certain areas of our brains and evoke emotional responses. Keep this in mind when you’re trying to sway buyers by appealing to a specific emotion.  

  • Red – Excitement, Passion, Romance
  • Yellow – Joy, Friendliness, Intellect
  • Green – Balance, Growth, Environment
  • Blue – Peace, Sincerity, Integrity
  • Purple – Luxury, Spirituality, Wisdom
  • Pink – Beauty, Love, Faithfulness


Use your visuals wisely to communicate any directional, informational, or promotional content, while also keeping it aesthetically pleasing. The human attention span is 8 seconds, so make your window and product displays count.


Update your window displays often. Window displays can become stale within 2 weeks of installation. Try having a 2 week sale where the deals change on a daily basis, the visuals in your windows remain the same while your promotional signage is updated each day of the sale. This is exhilarating for the customer and generates a buying decision because the customer knows that the deal will be gone tomorrow.


Sure, a window can bring in some natural in-store light, but it can also drive in-store traffic if you employ it properly. Alarmingly, 50% of new customers say they entered a store based on the on-premise signage alone. For optimal results, windows should be fully wrapped in perforated vinyl so that you’re getting the best possible exposure and the in-store customers can still see outside. Another tip, expand your window murals to the exterior brick with a heat molded adhesive. This breaks your content up from the basic shapes your competitor might have and will draw people in based on visuals alone.  



Venture out with all of the substrates and solutions that C2 Imaging has to offer. Attention spans are dropping, and with people more involved with their mobiles more than ever, retailers need to be daring and bold to grasp their attention and keep it. From metallic vinyl to colored stocks, 3D assembled displays to layered signage to create dimension, we are your resource for creating something clever and engaging.

Contact us to learn more about our print marketing solutions and to request a quote for your next project. We're here to help you succeed. 

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