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Point-of-Sale Signage Tips for Restaurants

One of the main reasons to have point-of-sale (POP) signage in your restaurant is to influence customer decisions. POP signage includes all marketing materials near the register and ordering areas. In today's world, there are a lot of options for POP materials, but the idea is to be creative and effective in deploying your messages.

Here are some tips to make an impression, and boost sales.
  • Push What You Want to Sell - Get enthusiastic about seasonal items and the products you really want to push. Let your POP displays demonstrate your excitement and customers will be thrilled to taste new eats.
  • Use Great Design & Photography - If you want your materials to literally "pop" then you should use great design and or photography. Show the product and ingredients in its best light.
  • Cover Windows and Walls -Make use of the space you have. Walls, windows and even the space below the counter don't have to plain. From window clings to adhesive signage and framed prints, there are many solutions. Snap frames are a popular choice because of the ability to easily swap out and replace graphics.
  • Get Creative - Have fun with your marketing. Creative solutions such as floor graphics and staff shirts are great ways to impress the consumer. Looking to stand out with custom print solutions? There are a lot of ideas, like our die cut solution that allows us to create a customized sign in just about any shape.
  • Banners & Hanging Signs - These print marketing solutions are a natural fit for POP signage. Available in many different shapes, sizes and materials, these signs are great for promoting specific menu items, meals and offers.
  • Counter & Table Top Signage - One of the last stops at the point of purchase is where you order. Graphics adhered to the counter or table top, and signs sitting on the counter or table are great for promoting add-on items and specials.
Take a look at some of these point-of-sale restaurant signs produced by C2 Imaging:

If you are looking to influence customer decisions at the point of sale, then POP marketing should be part of your marketing plan. C2 Imaging offers many print marketing solutions that are easy to install and replace. It's important that you keep graphics updated; plus it gives your restaurant a refreshed look each time you change the signs.

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