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QR Code Usage on the Rise

Rising Use of QR Codes

QR codes are nothing new. Manufacturers have been using them for a long time. You might even remember when marketers were trying to push QR code usage several years ago. That trend didn’t take off for long, but some things have changed that have caused QR code usage to rise.

Easy Access

Most mobile phones now have a QR code reader built right into the camera. There’s no longer a need to ask consumers to download a 3rd party app to scan and launch a QR code.

Coronavirus Impacts

When the pandemic hit, the world needed and wanted as many touchless options as possible. Since QR codes were already generally understood and the ability to scan them would be easier, it was a no-brainer to bring them back. The pandemic has pushed many communities to adopt technologies that were underutilized. Now that many consumers have experienced and enjoyed the convenience of these technologies, it looks like there is no going back.

How Businesses Can Use QR Codes

So, how are businesses using QR codes? The possibilities are endless. But here are just some ways that QR codes can help your sales:

Accept Mobile Payments – We’re now seeing QR codes on restaurant bills and checkouts. Consumers can quickly and easily scan with their phones and complete their payments digitally. Many of these options are even more secure than swiping a credit card.

Restaurant Menus – To decrease touch points, restaurants stopped printing menus and began offering a QR code for customers to scan that brings up the menu.

Retail Displays – Allows consumers to learn additional information or watch videos about your products by adding QR codes to your displays.

Window Graphics/Barricades – Are you opening a new location or just using graphics on your windows to advertise. Add QR codes to these spaces to link consumers to your employment website, additional information about your store, products or services, or again, to your menu.

Push App Downloads – If you want customers to install your loyalty rewards app, ordering app, etc, then add signage with your QR codes that links them directly to the app store. This can be done so they are promoted to download the app almost immediately after scanning the code.

Gain Donations – In this day and age, people are less likely to carry cash, so if you’re collecting for charity, it may be a good idea to add a QR code that links to your online donation site so donors can pay digitally.

Schedule Appointments – Add signage throughout your facility to promote appointment sign ups. It’s convenient and easy for patients or customers to schedule their next appointment right on their phone.

We’ve had many conversations recently with our customers who are looking for ways to attract their customers to loyalty programs, making online appointments, ordering products online and through apps, and so much more. Engaging our print technologies and making your graphic elements smart with QR codes will create great success.

Take a look at some of our print examples below and let’s connect to discuss your next project and how we can incorporate QR codes.


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