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Unique Ways to Communicate with Employees

The world is always evolving and how you communicate to employees is not something that is safe from change. In fact, it’s an area you need to stay on top of in order to maintain quality relationships and work efficiency. Whether you work in human resources, training, or marketing, you understand the value of effective employee communication.

Watch the video below to see some unique ways that you can use print to help get your messages across.

Onboarding and Virtual Conference Kits – Create a custom, branded experience to give a warm welcome to new employees, or to welcome guests to a virtual conference. Who says the entire experience needs to be virtual? Consider adding a water bottle, brain food, hand sanitizer, a branded mask, notepad and more. Making your team or guests feel welcome with a “personal” gift can really go a long way.

New Hire Materials – From company policy booklets to folders with inserts, we have a solution to help you deliver those important contracts, notices, and other information to new team members.

Employee Newsletters – Because so much of the world has gone fully digital, paper communications like employee newsletters, invites and greeting cards make a bigger impact than their digital versions. And there’s no rule that says you can’t also send a digital version to gain double the exposure!

Communication Boards – Fill common areas with positive team memories like reviews, goals, and photos from celebrations and events. Plus, add up-to-date employee communications for all to see. From magnetic walls to dry erase solutions, we have something that will fit your needs.

Motivate, Educate and Engage – Use graphics to inspire, teach and encourage engagement. Applying graphics to standees, stackable cubes, wall murals, countertop murals and so much more will allow you to promote your employee benefits and programs, mission statements, company history and more. We love to see clients use these spaces to advertise motivational words and phrases too.

Create Energy – Adding elements of interest to your walls, like color and large scale photographs and designs will help bring energy to the space, providing a nice workplace environment and boosting employee morale.

Conferences and Events – Even if you’re streaming a conference, you can use branded backdrops and side banners. For in-person events, we recommend using a variety of temporary solutions like floor graphics, wall graphics, tabletop graphics and more. These are useful for lunch-and-learns and new product launches.

Recruiting – Draw them in with signage! Whether you’re hosting an in-house job fair or attending an event, use banners, table skirts, tents, flags and more to draw attention to your team and to promote why applicants should join your team.

Employee Engagement – From relaxation and think rooms, to swag giveaways and team building exercises. We can provide custom branded print solutions for your team.

Connect with us to learn more about our services and how we can help your business. Contact us here.