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Small Ticket Event Items that Make a Big Impact


Do you want to go that extra mile to make your event attendees feel like VIPs? One of the best ways to do that is to pay attention to the details. While we often think of event graphics as big-ticket items, sometimes the smallest items can make the biggest impact, making your brand marketing even more effective.  


Be the master of branding  

We all know you can put your logo on something large like a step and repeat wall, but what about smaller items? You’ve got a captive audience at your event, making it the perfect time to showcase your brand. Small reminders provide brand recognition and build trust with targeted messaging tailored specifically for your audience. This not only helps provide information, but creates an atmosphere that reinforces your company values, mission, and brand story.


So what can you brand? 

Consider underestimated items that will leave a lasting impression on your attendees: 

  • Table items: food and cocktail menus, glasses, napkins, and information booklets
  • Food and drink: water bottles, koozies, and drink cards
  • Takeaways: goodie bags, promo items, and printed collateral
  • Out-of-the-box: pillows and decor, floating pool logos, or 3D hashtags 

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Make them feel like a VIP  

Your guest list might be 5,000 but you can make each person feel like it’s one. Start with personalized invitations to build excitement and increase attendance. During the event, think about adding exclusive extras like custom access passes for a luxurious feeling. After the event, continue that special experience with take home pieces like giveaways, promotional items, and swag bags.


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Special items for special event areas  

Depending on your event, there might be some specific areas for well-placed small graphics. 

  • Backstage- Print backstage passes for that VIP feel
  • Transportation- if you’re providing transportation to the event, consider adding branding to the vehicles or promotional items inside
  • Exclusive lounges- Add a signature drink with custom branded drinkware and custom packaged snacks
  • VIP dinners or dining areas- Offer a special, upgraded menu with personalized messaging for your VIP customers
  • Conference/meeting rooms- Name holders and other personalized items can make people feel welcome and informed 
  • Conversation/gathering spaces or quiet rooms- Use graphics to help bring people together or provide a reprieve from the event activity


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Starting to get the bigger (or smaller) picture? By attending to the details, both your event and attendees will feel special, and your branded messaging will be heard. And sometimes that’s in the smallest pieces. Contact us to get started on your event ideas.

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