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Pop-Up Shop Trend

Why a Pop-Up Shop is good for Business

You’ve probably seen or heard of a pop-up shop by now as they have been gaining more popularity in the last few years. Retailers of different sizes and industries have been experimenting with pop-up shops and seeing the benefits.

These temporary retail establishments offer several benefits over a typical permanent space or online-only site. Pop-up shops are smaller and only last for a few weeks or months at a time and therefore the rent is sometimes lower than a larger store with a longer lease.

The short-term existence of pop-up shops also creates excitement around the brand. Build a fun and interesting environment and you will attract a lot of consumers. This can also drive sales. Consumers will feel as though they must buy now before the store is gone.

Pop-up shops also offer a great opportunity to test and market new products and promotions. For online-only retailers, it is an opportunity to convert non-online shoppers.




















































C2 Imaging worked with client MKG on a pop-up shop and promotional project for their client, Dockers, in New York City during Fashion Week. We produced the printed materials used at the pop-up shop, which you can learn more about from The New York Times. Dockers also hosted a kick-off party featuring an Airstream. We produced the cut vinyl decals for the mobile vehicle; learn more about the party from WWD.

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