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Taking Up the Cause: Adding Graphics to Your Cause Marketing Strategy


Inspirational graphics help start the conversation for cause marketing to not only create awareness for consumers, but an emotional response to action.


As cause marketing becomes increasingly important with customers more invested in purpose-driven companies that reflect their values and community, graphics step in to support those goals.


Make Graphics Part of Your Cause Marketing Campaign

You’re likely utilizing digital marketing tactics like social media to bring attention to your cause marketing campaign. But have you thought about how you can use graphics and signage to draw more attention outside the digital world? Including print graphics can help promote both the nonprofit and for-profit partners, reaching towards a common benefit.

Any business in any vertical can take part in cause marketing with involvement depending on the cause, industry, and target audience. Strategically used graphics incorporate into sponsorships, public awareness campaigns, product campaigns, employee volunteerism, and donation tactics.

We can help craft the right messaging, placement, design, and installation to help your campaign:

  • Contribute to corporate social responsibility & ESG
  • Improve corporate image & reputation
  • Increase brand loyalty & trust
  • Reach a new audience
  • Diversify revenue & increase sales
  • Create a relationship within your community
  • Increase brand awareness

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Tell Your Story with Cause Marketing Graphics

Start with a story. Use graphics to build a narrative around your values and how you’re supporting the cause, creating an emotional response in your audience. Your brand story can help spread awareness and initiate participation as customers follow the journey. They may feel proud they have acted, building customer loyalty and trust with your brand.

Imagine this: you have a brick-and-mortar location with various customer touchpoints to advertise the cause and brand. Or maybe it’s an event. Each space gives you many opportunities to utilize graphics to share your message. Here are a few examples:

  • Standees & stanchion signs - Increase awareness of the cause in high traffic areas
  • Wall, window, & floor graphics – Add your cause marketing tagline on the interior or exterior of your event space or store
  • Cards – Use business cards or counter cards to remind customers during an event or in your retail stores at checkout where their donations are going
  • QR codes – Add a QR code to all of your signage and collateral to direct guests to learn more at your website
  • Vehicle graphics - Turn your trucks into mobile billboards for your cause
  • Backdrops & selfie ops – Create a scene where people can share on social media, reaching new audiences
  • Product packaging – Let customers know right on the package the cause they are investing in
  • Promo items – Takeaway items remind customers of their experience months after the event
  • Out-of-the-box applications – Build 3D graphics like a donation box to gather items for charity or displays for the golf course green
  • donation box
  • golf banners


This experience can be sandwiched between collateral like invitations, mailers, magazines, and newsletters before and after engaging with in-person print. Graphics along the way provide repeated visual cues and impressions while reinforcing your brand. They can also tie in with the digital experience and reference what your customers have already seen about the cause on your website, social media, and other online platforms.

Beyond a physical location, we can help manage your program graphics through technology. Our project management software streamlines your process to create and approve graphics, saving time and money in your campaign.

Your company might have an idea in mind or have already done cause marketing in the past. Graphics can fill in any gaps in your campaign strategy. We can help conceptualize and design your graphics to help make a positive impact and benefit your corporation.


Contact us to explore the options.

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