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Using Technology To Automate Your Processes


Using Technology to Automate Your Processes

Can you think of time-consuming, repetitive tasks that bog down your day? At C2, we offer a variety of technologies that automate your processes for marketing, project management, and direct mail activities. With these technologies, we use a data-driven approach to personalize your brand experience, for your customers and your employees.


Project Management Software


Prepress automation tools streamline projects with multiple originals, versions, and numerous separations of graphics. This is a great tool for project managers who have reoccurring or large projects, or customers with multiple stores, locations, franchises, or versioned graphics. The software makes manually managed spreadsheets obsolete by sending requests and files directly to our prepress team.


The proofing process is made easy with the ability to see individual layers of each graphic. This helps you quickly ensure that the right element is on the right layer and preview all colors and edits.



  • Efficiently manage large-scale projects with differentiations
  • Automate the approval process
  • Access the system 24/7/365, with all your files in one place
  • Save time in prepress and reduce email notifications

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Intelligent Mail


Intelligent mail capitalizes on the benefits of direct mail by using marketing automation to personalize each part of the customer journey. It customizes each touchpoint to reach the desired customer at the optimal time based on the actions captured in your database.

Our intelligent process makes direct mail campaigns easier by integrating with your CRM, allowing us to directly import your data and create automated workflows.


Whether you’re in healthcare or need to market a big event, workflows simplify a process with multichannel touchpoints. We work with your team to design, print, and mail personalized collateral to your customers.





  • Personalize your customer’s brand experience with targeted messaging based on data
  • Reach your audience that you otherwise can’t reach online due to digital fatigue and email filters
  • Replace manual labor and quickly analyze data
  • Track and measure ROI




FLEX is our proprietary online ordering tool for marketing teams to manage all collateral requests in one place. The FLEX site is custom built for you and hosts pre-approved marketing materials. Designed to help your business run more efficiently as an extension of your brand, it gives you peace of mind that your brand standards are being followed.


FLEX saves time and effort for teams with multiple locations, branches, or franchises by making customized, branded materials accessible by employees at any location.




  • Direct your field requests from any location right to FLEX, without going through marketing
  • Streamline the distribution of branded materials to focus on other marketing initiatives
  • Order materials 24/7/365

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Not sure where to start? Based on your specific needs, we can assess what is a good fit for your company. Contact us to see if you can benefit from any of these technologies.



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