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Branding Your Event

Small Format Makes a Big Impact

When you host an event, such as this product announcement event we worked on with Bose, you need graphics. There are several ways to brand your event but one of the most effective ways is to spread your message, logo and brand design everywhere in large and small format. 

 For this event, we created banners, tabletop photos, menus, tickets, and stickers. When your attendees leave your event you want them to remember you and remember your mission. One of the best ways to do this is by handing out a takeaway. Stickers are an easy way to brand these takeaways with your logo and even a short message.

Of course, you also want to get people talking about your event or new product announcement too. How do you track the conversation about your event? Encourage your guests to use a designated hashtag when discussing your event through social media. An alert for new online mentions of your brand should already be set up as part of your public relations strategy but if it’s not, now would be a good time to get that going.

For more information on how C2 Imaging can help you with small format and other print marketing solutions, contact us.


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