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Magnetic Signage Makes Installation Quick and Easy

Magnetic signage is quickly becoming a popular choice among retailers and for good reason. With our magnetic signage solutions you can quickly and easily swap out old graphics for new ones, layer on additional signs and accessories, and even save money on shipping.

Magnetic Display for Retail Signage

Our FLEX display signage system, for example, is the perfect solution for signs you need to swap out frequently and easily. You can use magnetic signage or our fabric signs too. Magnets are stackable so you can quickly add a sale or promotional sign over the existing graphic without having to change the whole thing. In fact you can add several layers. This works well if you have a main graphic to display and then want to add a promotional piece and call out some product benefits. Watch the video below to see this in action.

We also have customers who use a main branded graphic on one half, and a product specific sign on the other half.

Magnetic Hardware Signs

Additionally, we offer signage that uses a magnetic frame which easily snaps together for a quick install. Signs using this type of structure can also use magnetic graphics or fabric graphics. Both are easy to install and save you money on shipping costs.

Trade Show Ready with Magnetic Signage

Another wonderful solution we offer are our KLIK displays. These are larger backdrops typically used for trade shows. Since the frame system is magnetic you can add accessories like monitor mounts, shelves, and brochure holders very easily. These can be moved around on the backdrop as you see fit.

We know prepping for a trade show can be a lot of work, so we’ve designed this system to make assembly fast and simple.

Take a look at the video below to see some examples of magnetic graphics and signage solutions we have produced:

Time is money, which is why our magnetic signage solutions are beneficial for your business. Plus, being able to roll up magnetic receptive graphics and ship them to a store as a package instead of shipping a pallet or large heavy box with hardware is a big perk that can save you on shipping costs. Let's connect to discover how our magnetic signage solutions can help your business.

Nov 01, 2021 |

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