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Barricade Graphics for Your Business

Barricade graphics are the perfect solution for retail construction and renovations, exterior building updates, new residential or commercial developments and so much more. Hide the unsightly views of a work-in-progress with barricade walls; and apply graphics to educate consumers on what is to come.

Types of Barricade Graphics

There are many places to apply barricade graphics, from chain link fences, to scaffolding, plywood walls, and windows. Our banner applications on fences are perforated to allow wind to move through the banner, preventing damage while also not causing any disruption to the message on the banner.

Retail in-store and storefront renovations often utilize temporary walls, which really don’t look great. But when we add your custom-branded graphics we are turning drab wood into a fabulous billboard!

If the exterior of the building isn’t getting a major facelift, you can just block out the windows with barricade graphics. Again, by adding vinyl graphics, we can use this space to promote the “coming soon” messages so you can let people know what you will be offering and when they can expect you to open.

New residential and commercial real estate developments have a big job to do during construction – SELL spaces! We can help you do this with the use of barricade graphics around your property. These graphics should be bold to grab attention and offer a glimpse of the potential for the development. After all, these graphics can turn a passerby into a new lead.

Take a look at some great examples of barricade graphic projects we have produced.

Tips for Barricade Graphic Designs

Whether you provide your own design or we create one for you, there are some tips we’d like to share.

  • Include a QR code. These are trendy again and are a great way to get a consumer to visit your website to fill out a lead form, make a purchase, learn more about your project, or apply for a job at your new store.
  • Hiring? Don’t forget to mention this and include a URL and QR code to your careers page on your website.
  • Anticipated opening season. Yes, construction projects have a moving end date, but you should at least include the season you anticipate opening so folks are aware. This builds excitement!
  • Highlights. Be sure to highlight what you will offer. What size offices or apartments do you have? Is this a clothing store for women and men or just children?

Utilize your storefront or barricade like an advertisement to gain attention and excitement before you even open. At C2 Imaging, we don’t just install barricade graphics, we also design and produce them with our customers being top of mind. Contact us to discuss your next project and print marketing needs.

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