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5 Things Employers Should do When Welcoming Workers Back


COVID Office Policy

While sales for many businesses have suffered because of the shelter-in-place mandates, we know that a greater struggle is ahead. Companies need to create safe workplaces for employees. Doing this can build confidence and comfort for your team. Reopening will not mean going back to the way things were before the pandemic. Change will be here for a while and everyone needs to adapt.

Here are some key ways that your business can prepare to welcome back employees:

Safety First – You are going to need to screen employees and make sure any sick leave and work from home policies are updated to encourage your teammates to stay home when they are not feeling well.

Educate Your Team – Post about new policies, sanitizing and social distancing instructions. We have prepared graphics that can be customized with your branding to help you easily communicate messages to your employees with signs in and around team stations, break rooms, and more.

Welcome Back Box

Boost Morale – Stress is high for many. Encourage the use of your EAP resources, breaks, and create an updated environment that is relaxing. You can use environmental graphics to create energy in your space. And we love the ideas of a welcome back box that gives a strong message that you are happy to have your employees back. We can customize the box with your branding and message and you can include a resource sheet, hand sanitizer, a face mask, and more.

Open Communication Lines – Encourage employees to speak up about all concerns without fear of consequences. And provide them with a way to do so that makes the process simple.

Communicate Updates – Let your teams know what changes you are making and why. Also keep an updated section of your website or include a blurb in job postings so applicants know they are choosing a company that has their health and safety top of mind, not just sales.

You are going to need signage and office décor to help your team get through this. Take a look at the solutions below that we have produced for clients. 

Feel free to your local C2 Imaging rep or fill out our contact form for support with your re-opening communication plan.



Mar 19, 2021 |

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