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7 Invaluable Solutions we offer to Retail Marketers

You’ve seen the smooth execution of our printed in-store campaigns, but what goes on behind the scenes? Customer-centered workflows driven by automation and powered by proprietary marketing technology.

Marketing doesn’t need to be complicated, and we make sure it isn’t. With our seven solutions beyond print, we add value to what you create every day.  Let’s break it down:


Storing brand-approved assets and utilizing them the right way can be a challenge. We harness your greatest assets and make them easily accessible to your marketing team. Plus, have the ability to edit online templates and distribute to end users across multiple locations.


How many locations does your business have? Our profiling software can automate survey responses from the field and collect your store layouts and fixture information in a short amount of time. We have successfully compiled store profiles for retailers with hundreds of locations. Profiling can include images of your store's graphic opportunities as well as a floor-layouts.


It’s true, a lot of companies offer kitting. But our kitting is more solution focused. We work extensively to ensure your package contains accurate elements. Our shipping software automates labels by location that accurately depicts the elements visually with quantities and sizes based on your distribution list. Execution packets are included with each kit and a QR code can be added to the label so that end users can scan to receive digital directions or an instructional video.


Space for inventory is no issue among our 20+ locations. The Vomela Companies will soon build a new headquarters in St. Paul, consisting of 300,000 total square feet. To put that in perspective, a professional league football field has a total area of 57,600 square feet. Our inventory systems are unrivaled in the industry and generate the most cost-effective unit prices. Learn more about working with a large network printer, here.


Our customized online ordering portals are built entirely in-house through our experienced IT development department. Through online portals, we have the ability to house your most crucial assets and deliver them across the globe with quality and consistency every time from the click of your mouse. We are continually evolving our technology as our client’s needs change over time.


No matter how complex your campaigns can be, we live and breathe retail. We understand the challenges that retail marketers face when asked to distribute a campaign to hundreds of locations, each with different sizes, fixtures, and layouts. That is why we developed a proprietary marketing tool to make campaign management simple. Leverage this tool with our store profiling software for best results.


There is a true science behind multi-channel marketing and we understand that science best. Our software enables you to build targeted campaigns through a variety of channels. We collect all of your data into a deployment engine that sends out highly personalized messages through specific channels, in an automated fashion. Connectivity combined with powerful print results in maximized engagement.


You design a brilliant in-store promotion that is sure to increase sales across hundreds of locations. Start by using our campaign management software, to push out all large and small format promotional elements to each location, based on their store profile and layout using our automated process. Our kitting software, with the instructional elements, helps each store understand when and how to use these materials to increase their sales on a local level.

Now, you wish to advertise that upcoming promotion to your customers. Send a personalized direct mail piece about the current in-store promotion coupled with a reminder email highlighting that promotion using our multi-channel marketing service. Our reporting from the multi-channel marketing service can help you understand how effective your efforts were in advertising for this promotion and how it impacted your sales.

Have questions? Want to learn more about how C2 Imaging can help your business succeed in retail marketing? 
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Oct 22, 2018 |

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