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Achieve Your ESG Goals with a Sustainable Supply Chain Partner

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals are not just a trend in the sustainability space, they are the future¬–so how do you reach the ESG goals for your company? Start by working with a company like C2 Imaging, a Vomela company, as a supply chain partner. A large percentage of people now make purchases with environmental impact in mind. They consider not only the end-use of products, but also companies involved in the supply chain. Here, we’ll discuss what sustainable products are and how they can help you with your ESG goals.

What makes a product sustainable?

For starters, there is no material that is 100% sustainable. What makes a product sustainable is not just the end-of-life, like recyclability–it’s so much more. You must look at the entire life cycle of the product, taking into account the materials used to make the product, its design, how it’s made, packaging, and the transportation involved.

There are several factors to consider when looking for a “green” product. It should have one or more of the values listed below.

  • Think about how the product was made. A “green” product might be made from sustainably harvested materials or renewable materials like wood or bamboo, or from recycled post-consumer and pre-consumer materials.
  • You can also look for products made without VOC (volatile organic compounds) like urea, formaldehyde, and other toxins that produce emissions.
  • When considering the source of a sustainable product, it can be made from materials grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides, which impact habitat conservation and social equality.
  • Next, it should be salvaged or recyclable. Salvaged products have been repurposed from their original objective and continue their lifespan.
  • It can also be recyclable after its end-of-life at recycling centers or have components that are reusable for new products. It might also be biodegradable which impacts the purity of the product.

What are the sustainable practices to incorporate?

Green practices contribute to sustainability efforts and there are several you can incorporate to reach your ESG goals.

Look for materials that are produced, harvested, or extracted and manufactured close to its local sourcing. Another way is using energy efficient equipment which could be water-saving plumbing or renewable energy like wind generators, solar panels, skylights, or geothermal power. This reduces the need for consumption of important resources like electricity, power, and water.

Additionally, think about how the product is used in its life and afterwards when considering a sustainable practice. Products can be easier to reuse and recycle if they are designed for disassembly (DfD). You can also manage end-of-life for signage, fixturing, POP (point of purchase), and other interior products, focusing on participating in take-back and recycling programs.

How does this help with my ESG goals?

Besides the environmental benefits of sustainable practices, like the impacts on indoor air quality and the efficient use of available resources, using these products alongside these practices will support your ESG mission. By addressing materials you choose to print on, it helps with your ESG reporting. C2 Imaging has already tested and found alternative solutions to some materials that are not sustainable and, in their place, we offer a variety of sustainable materials.

Here's where C2 Imaging comes in

Through our ESG work, we seek out other companies to share, partner, and learn with. ESG reporting now considers your supply chain partners, so it’s time to think about your partners and their commitment to sustainability.

Here is how C2 Imaging is committed to sustainability:

  • We participate in the SFI Forest Management Standard which requires sustainable harvesting practices for the protection of animals and maintaining safe water quality.
  • We installed the largest solar array in the Twin Cities, MN on our new Vomela Headquarters’ roof.
  • We partnered with 3M to reuse vinyl film end caps, eliminating recycling.
  • We eliminated year-end waste and obsolete boxes by developing our own box maker.
  • We take part in eco material development.

What is the next step? As your supply chain partner, we can help your ESG reporting with our sustainable material alternatives and green practices. Contact us now to discuss how we can help you complete your ESG mission.

Need help reaching your ESG goals for your company? Contact us today to get started.

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