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Ad Campaign Uses Fabric

Ford C-MAX Live Campaign

When Ford Motors began promoting their new 2013 C-MAX they decided to do it with Ford Social. This campaign would create a one-of-a-kind live animation featuring the public. People had the chance to be a part of a crowd-sourced animation for this new car. How so? Ford setup wall graphics and banners throughout the country in public locations where people would take pictures in the silhouetted portion of the graphic. The photos were then to be uploaded to Instagram where Ford would put the pieces together to make the film.

The Problem

The original solution that another vendor had created wasn’t friendly to the camera and did not align properly.


The Solution

Screenvision contacted our C2 Imaging New York office in hopes that we could produce a better solution. Our solution was utilizing silhouette fabric. We created a custom banner that would be sturdy enough around the opening. Next was the framing, which we attached to oversized feet to ensure it would stay stable.

Watch our instructional video that was sent to all of the theaters that would be installing this project.



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