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Make a Bigger Impact with Direct Mail Marketing

We may live in a digital world but that doesn’t mean you don’t need printed ads! Digital ads are everywhere and can be quite effective, however they can’t make an impression like direct mail can. Here are some reasons why your business needs direct mail campaigns.

Appealing to more senses. Printed materials can be bright and colorful, but most of all, they can include texture and scent. The weight of a paper, type of material and texture of it can really help your ad stand out when in the hands of a consumer. And remember, you can’t smell a digital ad, but you can include scent in a direct mail piece. This not only engages your audience but appeals to more senses, increasing the likelihood that your ad will be remembered.

No automatic filter. Emails campaigns are a great strategy, but unfortunately your email will find itself in a lot of spam folders where most consumers won’t even notice or ever look at it. And even if your digital ad or email lands in a consumer’s timeline or inbox, it’s only given a quick glance for consideration. Consumers are overwhelmed by digital ads and emails. If you don’t grab them right away, they are moving on.

On the flip side, the consumer is the filter for their mail. They must physically touch and look at each piece before deciding what to open or further examine and what to discard.

And if you’re trying to reach a younger audience, direct mail is a great choice. A recent study showed that consumers 18-34 read more of their direct mail than any other age groups.

More meaningful and longer lasting. Consider how a company holiday or birthday card means much more to you than an email. Some consumers will even save and display these cards, which certainly isn’t happening with an email.

When sending coupons and sale announcements, you should send via email and direct mail to increase impressions of your campaign.

Intelligent marketing. We may be talking about printed materials, but we offer high tech solutions for print marketing. We can take your data and help you personalize direct mail pieces to make it more meaningful to the consumer. You can also send different types of promotions or designs to different regions or consumers based on data.

If you’re worried about protecting your data, rest assured, we are SOC 2 certified, which means the data we handle is safe and secure.

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You shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. Combine your digital plans with print marketing strategies for even more impactful campaigns. Sending a catalog or ad for a product or service? Include QR codes to send consumers directly to the product page or contact form on your website.

From planning to production and execution, we are here for every step of the process to assist with and improve your direct mail marketing campaigns. Contact us to discuss your next project and learn how we can help.

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Jan 25, 2022 |

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