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Making Sense of Multichannel Marketing

Below is a summary from our Multichannel Marketing Report. Click here to download the full report.

What is Multichannel Marketing?

Multichannel marketing refers to a highly personalized and adaptable approach to marketing which makes use of a variety of channels and media. The end goal is to capture an audience’s attention in a unique and memorable way. The first step towards achieving that goal is identifying what that audience should look like.

As with most modern marketing campaigns, a multichannel marketing campaign focuses on making contact with only the most relevant consumers. When it comes to engagement, quantity rarely equals quality. Time and resources are much better spent on a smaller contingent of highly qualified leads.

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How is it used?

Here are some examples of the way C2 Imaging uses Multichannel Marketing to help customers achieve their goals.


We help association member engagement initiatives by providing personalized, systematic online and direct mail touchpoints.


Using sophisticated data, we create localized campaigns for student recruitment and alumni relation efforts.


Through Elk Grove Graphics’ HIPAA and SOC II Type I certifications, we help create personalized healthcare experiences through custom patient connections.

So why multichannel?

Today’s consumer is picky. Between flashy banner ads, spam emails, and colorful billboards, they’ve become numb to traditional marketing efforts. This oversaturation of advertising has spawned a new school of thought in the marketing world. Sometimes called “content marketing” or “inbound marketing,” it focuses on providing value to only the most qualified and relevant consumers (and leaving everybody else alone).

Multichannel marketing works off this same concept. Through a variety of different channels, this approach aims to deliver valuable content to the people who want to see it.

That’s another reason multichannel is valuable – today’s consumer is smart. By the time they’re standing in front of your product or service, they’ve already decided whether or not they’ll purchase it. The purpose of multichannel is to give them as many opportunities as possible to embark on that buyer’s journey.


Multichannel touchpoints

Though no two multichannel campaigns are the same, the elements they’re made up of usually fit into the following categories:

  • Internet
  • Email
  • Direct Mail
  • Print Advertising

View some of our examples of direct mail pieces below.


























































Learn about the challenges of multichannel marketing and see an example of what a multichannel marketing campaign could look like. >>Click here<< to view and download the full report.

Moving ahead with multichannel

As complex and resource-hungry as multichannel campaigns can be, you don’t need to take them on alone! C2 Imaging offers a unique blend of services that cover all the bases of a successful multichannel campaign. Whether it’s printing, direct mail services, or digital campaign management, we have the tools and experience to help you engage with your target audience – online and offline – in a more personalized way than ever before.

Questions? We have answers! Contact us to discuss your next campaign and how we can help make it a success with our print marketing solutions. 


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