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Manage All Your Marketing Materials In One Place With FLEX

Imagine this—what if you could easily manage marketing collateral requests from the field by simply giving your sales team a website address. This website would be customized and branded with all your company information and pre-approved materials, all conveniently organized according to your organization’s internal processes.

The great news is you do not need to imagine it, we have it! It’s called FLEX—our proprietary software that we built solely to become an extension of your marketing efforts. Think about all of the pieces that you frequently are asked for, whether it’s business cards, banner stands, signage, envelopes, etc. Now think of those pieces were available at the click of a button–that is FLEX.

What is FLEX?

FLEX is a unique software solution that gives your employees at any location, branch, or franchise the capability to order marketing materials without going through the marketing department. We built FLEX fifteen years ago and continue to develop it based on customer feedback. It was designed to help your business run more efficiently.

You can set your company’s brand standards so there are no unapproved changes. Additionally, you can manage permissions and budgets by user so you can control brand compliance and spending limits. It is often used by marketing, but anyone from branch managers to sales reps can use FLEX depending on the type of organization. Overall, it frees up marketing or other users’ time to be spent on other efforts.

How does it work?

Each FLEX customer has a custom-built interface with all the look and feel of their own brand, based on their unique needs. We can create location or department specific pages with pre-approved marketing materials that can then be preprinted and in kept in our inventory, or allowed to be customized and printed on demand. With the drag and drop interface, you can manage and edit your brand assets like scaling and cropping, personalizing product kits, and adding custom text.

Let’s look at an example of one of our clients, a mammogram clinic. They have 100+ locations with needs for both small and large format printing. C2 Imaging prints everything including envelopes, tear-off pads, forms, in-center signage, environmental graphics, calendars, promo products, appointment cards, name tags and more. We work directly with their marketing team on their online ordering site which has over 600 materials. We help brand and cobrand materials with multiple versions of certain items where they need variation. Our FLEX team helps them organize so they can have multiple branches on the same website with that branch’s branding, or they can break it down by region.

Why use FLEX

Think of us as your strategic partner. We’re an extension of your brand to help the marketing team so they can focus on marketing initiatives. Marketing can sometimes receive enormous numbers of requests from the sales team and FLEX streamlines the entire process. Wouldn’t it be great to direct your field requests to a website that sales can go to directly? We can put your entire inventory on FLEX with materials you can access any time.

The extra features help your budget and shipping too. The price on each material can be pre-decided or a user can only order within a previously set budget. For shipping, you can upload your entire address book. We also ship to multiple locations so that one person can order for many locations at once and have each order shipped right to that specific location. Materials can be ordered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with no holiday downtime. We also provide shipping information so you can track your materials in real time.

If you need help at any step of the way, there are in-app training and support videos (called FLEXtips). Once you’re set up, you can run custom reports and order management tools.

Why make the change?

Employees can be at different locations or working remotely nowadays and businesses need to keep up with the needs of the workforce. Make sure your branding is staying consistent and save time with FLEX. To get started, contact us today and we’ll connect you with a sales rep.

Interested in FLEX? Contact us today to get started.

Aug 23, 2022 |

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