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Benefits of Storefront Barricades

Do you have an empty retail store or a construction site? Then you should consider putting up a barricade. Consumers don’t want to see what is happening, they just want to know the end result. Barricades spark curiosity. Barricade graphics give you the chance to provide information to the public and generate buzz around your new business or project.

Types of Barricades

While there are several material options the most popular storefront barricades consist of a temporary wall. This wall will look bland and stick out like a sore thumb among the competing window displays.

Applying graphics to the wall or storefront windows will turn your barricade into an advertisement. Construction sites using a fence to keep the public out should attach banners to the fence where the public can see.

Take a look at some of the barricade projects we have produced.

























































Don’t leave the public guessing; let them know what is coming. Start using your site as an advertisement for your business. To see more of our barricade examples, visit our Facebook or Flickr.

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